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Lower eyelid surgery: when to practice blepharoplasty?

The state of the lower eyelid, which is likely to significantly affect the perception of others, modifies the eye deeply. The contour of the eye is thus of particular importance to which blepharoplasty is not always the appropriate response. Depending on the case, the lower eyelid may be hollowed out by the ring or, on the contrary, swollen by an aqueous or lipid sac. The answer that will give the face radiance is not always surgical.
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Pockets under the eyes

Fat Vs Water: Recognize a Swollen Eyelid

Particularly unsightly, the swelling of the lower eyelid may have several origins. There are two main pocket families: aqueous and lipid. To recognize a lipid pouch in a fat pouch, simply gently press the lower eyelid with your fingertip. If the pouch immediately regains its original morphology upon stopping the pressure, it is an accumulation of aqueous liquid. If, on the contrary, the hollow generated by the pressure hardly fade, you are probably facing a greasy pocket.

Aqueous pockets

If blepharoplasty can correct an aqueous pouch, alternative solutions can help avoid or delay the use of lower eyelid surgery.

Where do they come from?
The aqueous bags essentially result from a problem of lymphatic circulation and waste recycling by the body. It is the accumulation of this lymph that swells the lower eyelid. Several factors can cause these pockets: fatigue, stress, excess tobacco, alcoholism, lack of sleep, etc. They can also come from a physiological problem, such as renal dysfunction, that a doctor can easily control. A genetic predisposition may further promote swelling of the eyelid.

Is blepharoplasty suitable for the treatment of aqueous bags?
Lower blepharoplasty may correct the pocket, but it is likely that the problem recurs. Indeed, if the internal dysfunction causing the poor circulation of the lymph is not treated, surgery can not provide a lasting answer to the problem of aqueous pouch. Blepharoplasty becomes relevant in the case where the pockets are anchored and do not fade over the day.

Blepharoplasty anatomy

Alternatives to eyelid surgery
A good hygiene of life is the first reflex to adopt for who wants to avoid the watery pockets under the eyes. A good sleep in a fresh and airy room, good hydration and a balanced low salt diet are allies.
By promoting the blood circulation and that of the lymphatic vessels, the cold operates a real draining of the edema of the eyelids. Just place a few minutes in the refrigerator a gel mask or 2 sachets of green tea, and apply them for about a quarter of an hour on your lower eyelids, to relieve congestion.
The cosmetics of course contain numerous products and other rolls intended to attenuate the aqueous bags. There are even low-frequency electrical stimulation devices to induce muscular contractions and restart the circulation.
Massages are also among the treatments offered: lymphatic drainage, digitopression, endodermology, etc.

While these methods may provide an aesthetic improvement, these methods do not always guarantee results on genetic bags and long-established bags.
The lipid pockets

As part of a lower eyelid swollen by fat accumulation, only the surgery of the ring can provide an answer. Here again, depending on the case, several options are possible, depending on whether the fat is accompanied or not by a cutaneous excess.

  Removal of the fat pouch
In the case of a pocket without excess cutaneous, the surgeon can “harvest the small greasy clusters via a conjunctival approach, without leaving a scar.

Removal of fat and excess skin: lower blepharoplasty
If the patient has an unattractive skin excess, the surgeon will practice a lower blepharoplasty. He makes a small incision in the lashes, removes the fat and ends up redrapping the skin. The skin is then sutured using an extremely fine wire just under the eyelashes.

Blepharoplasty woman

The hollow lower eyelid, the ring

Colorful Hollow Vs Hollow: Recognize the type of ring

The colored ring is due to a hyperpigmentation of the skin, linked to micro-vessels. In this specific case, the aesthetic surgeon generally favors the use of anti-ringing to the use of a surgery of the ring. The hollow circle is defined as a relief too prominent of the orbital frame, with a look of embedded eyeball.

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